I hired Niklas to review a real estate sales contract. He was very attentive to all my questions and concerns and was able to confidently and efficiently close the transaction.


Real estate transaction

Niklas was referred to for a legal matter. He was outstanding! He was knowledgable about the laws related to our case. He was able to quickly formulate an approach to the case which led to a successful resolution. He was very responsive and kept me informed throughout the process. I would trust him to handle any of my legal needs.


Highly Recommend

There are endless words as thanks for this lawyer's profession and support ;additionally, trusting, timing. He did some Aviction's but it was best helping and much easier for me knowing that he is there for support. He answers phone call in seconds, respond fast, very detail ;Therefore, I highly recommend this lawyer for your business. -To Niklas Kent Hugosson And he does some leases for me! I want to say thank you very much for always being there and always helping me out! Very knowledgeable! I recommend you pick up your phone and give him a call Anything you need! Thank you!


High recommendation lawyer!

I hired Nick to represent me in a property dispute with an ex. Nick is not only an attorney but also a real estate broker so he was very knowledgeable about the law and helped me resolve the issue and be able to move forward with my life.


Excellent real estate attorney

I have known Mr. Hugosson professionally for a number of years. He has always been quick to return calls and respond to any inquiries I have had in regards to legal and real estate matters I have hired him for. He is honest and trustworthy. I feel he takes a genuine interest in his client's matters and seeks to help them as he would any friend or family member of his.


Honest and Reliable Service

I am a Real Estate Broker. I have many rental properties. I was a lawyer in India. So many times I need legal advice in real estate and also in eviction cases. I observe that Nick has Great Legal Knowledge with depth. He do not run after money, has clear understanding of Law. I recommend his legal services.


Great Legal Knowledge with depth

Nick was professional, knowledgeable and helped answer several legal questions I've had.


Business owner.

I manage an RV Park in Fresno County. When I took over management I was informed about a tenant who had not paid rent in over a year, and that the previous management had tried several attorneys to evict her, It was a problem because this elderly woman was on Disability and had a legal aid attorney. They fought the managers at every turn. I called Niklas and explained the situation to him. He told me of all the problems evicting this type of tenant. He did his best, got all the papers filed, and served and appeared in court with me when the time came. We received a judgment in as short a time as possible and received the eviction order. On the day the sheriff had to go to the property to remove the tenant, Nicklas showed up on the property to help in any he could in case any legal problem showed up. Everything went fine, the lady was removed from the property as we expected. Nicklas proved to be ver knowledgeable in the legal aspects of the eviction process and I will not hesitate to take all my legal issues to him


Getting the right person for the job

Thorough from start to finish. In collecting paperwork, copies of leases and amendments, proof of service. I appreciate his preparedness in the event the case went to trial or to negotiations. I enjoy and I am impress with his foresight and advice in my dealings with tenant and owners and willing to listen to my point of view and still give me the legal ramifications of our choices. Glad to have him on my team.


Accessible when needed.